Sunday, May 6, 2012


Track List :

When we worship.. we wait upon the Lord
01. Jiwaku sungguh merindukanMu  -
02. Jiwaku MerindukanMu -

When we Worship... We Offer our lives as a living sacrifice
03. Bapa kupersembahkan tubuhku -
04. Holy is The Lord -

When We Worship... We Rest in His Presence
05. Time Of Refreshing / Saat Terindah -
06. In Your Presence -
07. Beautiful -

When We Worship... We Sing unto Him
08. S'bab Hanya Kau yang Mulia -

When We Worship... We Humble Ourselves Before Him
09. I Will Come and Bow Down / Kudatang Tersungkur -

When We Worship.. We Intimate with Him
10. Kucinta Kau Yesus Tuhan -

When We Worship... We Are Pleasing Him
11. MenyenangkanMu -

Lagu2 kumpulan dari Bpk. Welyar ini sangat menyadarkan kita ttg Worship
W = Wait Upon the Lord
O = Offer Our Lives as a Living Sacrifice
R = Rest in His Presence
S = Sing unto Him
H = Humble Ourselves before Him
I = Intimacy with God
P = Pleasing Him
This Album is dedicated only to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...
The Author & Finisher of my faith...
To Him all the glory forever and ever...

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